Full color commercial printing company K&H Print prints ballots and books

Putting our principles to work as printers of ballots and books

We started in print in 1908 and have expanded over the past 100 years as we discovered our commitment to integrity, vision, perseverance, perfect and timely made K&H the ideal provider for other printing services:

K&H Book Publishing

From custom publishing for the entrepreneurial author to text books for universities, K&H Book Publishing provides the firepower and finesse to print your book or manuals.

K&H Integrated Print Solutions

We're a solutions-based printer, ready to solve a problem, not just take an order. Call K&H for high-volume, data-driven printing and mailing solutions.

K&H Election Services

Since 1932, K&H Election Services has delivered perfect and timely election services to the public sector, for ballot production and by-mail voting for cities and counties throughout the U.S. In fact, K&H prints and mails over 20% of the mail-in ballots used in this country.