Private elections services includes private voting, awards voting, association election




Making Credit Union Elections Easier
"I want to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding service IVS has provided in our relationship over the past three years. IVS has demonstrated stellar customer service by providing prompt communications, clarity of expectations and support all through the election process. WSECU strives every day to make our members' lives easier. IVS is a perfect fit for us as you demonstrate that same promise in all you do.

"Thank you for providing excellence!"

--Jill M. Chase
VP Audit Services, Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU)

Private elections services, from ballot design to ballot archiving

Private elections servicesAt Integrity Voting Systems, we can handle the entire private election process. We can design the ballot. Get it to the ballot box, mailbox or create an online ballot. Tally the data. And leave behind an auditable trail. We call it "data to delivery" and it's how we approach every project for every private voting client.

From an association election to awards voting, we can do it all. What would you like us to do for your next private election?

  • Ballot packet design, production, assembly and distribution
  • Ballot canvassing, including signature verification
  • Candidate biographies and shuffling
  • Certified results tabulation, auditing and reporting
  • Customized online voting, with website design and hosting
  • Customized reporting of election results
  • Database management, including voter database processing, cleanup and archiving
  • Election system and methodology consultation and design
  • Hybrid voting, combining print and online
  • Instant runoff voting
  • Multi-lingual elections
  • On-site voting
  • Proxy voting
  • Real-time ballot counts and tally updates
  • Secure ballot delivery, receipt and vaulting
  • Vote contact and election notification
  • Voter login system and full SSL security with 24/7 access and monitoring
  • Write-in votes

Is there a private  election service you need that's not listed here? Chances are, we offer  it. Just ask