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This actors' union takes no chances when it comes to elections. They hire IVS! Read more.


Experts in election services since 1932

whyIntegrity Voting Systems didn't come out of nowhere. As K&H Printers, we've been doing public elections since 1932. We bring all those decades of expertise into the private election services company we started in 2001 as Integrity Voting Systems.

We're doing something right. Since 2001, we've been hired to conduct over 150 private elections, providing private ballots and services to numerous organizations, from the labor union to the credit union. We've done so well, IVS has grown rapidly and solely by word of mouth alone up until now.

Why are we so popular as an election services vendor? It's likely those organizations chose-and stick with-IVS because we're driven by a commitment to integrity, vision, perseverance with perfect and timely delivery. Here's how those five words impact your organization:

INTEGRITY: All of our processes can be performed and completed in full view of an Election Committee and Official Observers. Each step is designed to ensure confidence that the tabulation is conducted by an impartial third party and that the results are an accurate reflection of the will of the voting body.

VISION: Using our past experience to fully prepare for future experiences as an election services vendor, we anticipate potential issues and solve them before they happen.

PERSEVERANCE: There is no difficulty that cannot be overcome. Should we be presented with an unforeseen issue when providing private election services, we will work the problem until a solution is found and fulfill our obligation to present tabulation results in a timely manner.

PERFECT: Strict adherence to carefully planned protocols allows us to provide an accounting of all voting materials returned by the membership and how final results were tabulated.

TIMELY: Through proper planning, scheduling and staffing, IVS provides results of any given election in a timely manner as defined and agreed upon by IVS and the client.

If you like the sound of that level of commitment, whether you're holding a credit union election or a labor union election, talk to us about running your next private election.